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We do it all - including bookkeeping


You do the bookkeeping - we do the rest


Premium service WITHOUT a premium price

At we've used our years of experience to streamline the accounting and tax processes. We use technology and Cloud Accounting systems to cut out unnecessary effort, duplication and manual intervention. As qualified accountants we spend our time on the things which need our attention. We take time with you, our clients, to make sure your questions answered & that you feel confident in what you need to do and what we do for you.

No matter how much some like to tell us otherwise, tax is taxing. Every year more and more tax laws are introduced which cannot be ignored by those who have to file accounts and tax returns. Keeping up with your legal obligations is difficult, especially as you only need to do your accounts once a year. That's why you should consider employing a professional accountant to take care of the plethora of accounts and taxation red tape imposed by the Government on small businesses. Of course the key is to find a professional accountancy service at a price that you can afford and that's exactly what we have at

We believe in full visibility & transparency in our fees and charges; there are no hidden charges, no surprises and no transfer, cancellation or exit fees.

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You do the bookkeeping - we do the rest
JUST £54.50 per month

You do the bookkeeping - we do the rest suits those who are happy to enter the company's transactions (receipts and payments known as the accounting records) into an on line accounting system and ensure that the bank balance in the accounting system agrees to the closing balance on the business bank statement at the accounting year end i.e. you do the bookkeeping.

We also complete the annual statutory accounts, an annual self assessment, payroll & RTI submissions for one director & the company Corporation Tax return (CT600) including the necessary filing with HMRC & Companies House as appropriate.

We are on hand to help if you get stuck. If bookkeeping really isn't your thing then you may want to use our package including bookkeeping where we do it all. Click on the link below for essential reading about our fully supported package including what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

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We do it all - including bookkeeping
JUST £64.50 per month

Our "We do it all - including bookkeeping" is one of the most competitively priced accountancy services in the market place. Delivered by fully qualified UK based accountants, we provide everything that you need to keep up with and meet you accounting and tax return obligations.

Using this service means that you can relax as we take care of your bookkeeping and provide everything that our monthly package includes as well as sending you a monthly email summarising vital information about your limited company allowing you to budget for taxes and extract profit in a suitable way based upon your circumstances.

Not only are there no hidden charges with our services but we make sure that there will be no shocks or surprises when it comes to your tax liabilities. Click below to read more about this service.

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Why are we cheap?
Or are you paying so much?

Our accountancy services are designed specifically for CONTRACTORS & FREELANCERS who are paying high fees to traditional contractor accountancy firms.

For example, for those who are with SJD, Danbro, Clear Sky, Nixon Williams, Brookson, Churchill Knight or another Contractor Accountant.

As an intelligent contractor you'll know that your accounting and tax needs are relatively straight forward with the same being done year in, year out. Technology & the use of Cloud accounting software has streamlined business processes. If things are quicker & easier then it doesn't cost as much as it used to - so accountancy fees should be lower; just like ours are.

We pass our technological process savings on to you by charging a realistic fee for your straight forward accounting needs.

Your accounting needs aren't that complicated so why are you paying so much?

Many ask us why we are so cheap; we say ...

"Ask your current accountant why they charge you so much".

The Dangers of Cheap Accounting
The Truth!

Many articles have been published by rival accountancy firms disparaging our approach and trying to claim that our service is in some way inferior because our fees are cheap. We do everything that other firms do - often much better.

All of our Accountancy Services are provided by a UK based team of Qualified Accountants.

As a client you will have your own dedicated accountant; not a non accountant account manager who cannot answer your questions. We provide full visibility of our fees; there are no hidden charges and we do not charge you a transfer fee if should you decide to leave us for any reason.

We're on hand to answer your questions, we do your accounts and tax submissions to HMRC. We do not charge you for things which a system will do automatically such as VAT returns, monthly or quarterly reporting.

So the only real danger of cheap accounting is to traditional firms who are seeing their fees and client base eroded by modern accountancy firms; modern firms who not only understand technology but have made it central to their business.

Modern accountancy firms who offer a quality and professional service to their client at a very realistic price. Where's the danger in that?