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Limited Company - TurnoverMonthly Fee

Entry Level to £30k


£30k to £100k


£100k to £200k


Fully supported including bookkeeping


Our fees include accounts, corporation tax return (CT600), self assessment (SA100 & SA102), Payroll and RTI returns for one director

No matter how much some like to tell us otherwise, tax is taxing. Every year more and more tax laws are introduced which cannot be ignored by those who have to file accounts and tax returns. Keeping up with your legal obligations is difficult, especially as you only need to do your accounts once a year. That's why you should consider employing a professional accountant to take care of the plethora of accounts and taxation red tape imposed by the Government on small businesses. Of course the key is to find a professional accountancy service at a price that you can afford and that's exactly what we have at

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Fully Supported Package from £64.50 per month

Sometimes we find that clients need a little more support with their accounts and bookkeeping. Maybe they do not have enough time or they find accounts & tax a complete minefield best left to the professionals.

Whatever the reason we can offer clients a fully supported package where we take care of everything from the bookkeeping and keeping your records to making sure that all of the accounts & tax statutory duties and obligations are met.

Our fully supported fees start at just £64.50 per month.

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ALL INCLUSIVE Contractors ONLY £64.50 per month

Are you with SJD, Danbro, Clear Sky, Nixon Williams, Brookson, Churchill Knight or another Contractor Accountants charging VERY HIGH fees? As an intelligent contractor you'll know that your accounting and tax needs are relatively straight forward with the same being done year in, year out. It's time to challenge those high accountancy fees for your very straight forward accounting needs!

Your accounting needs aren't that complicated so why are you paying so much?

Many ask us why we are so cheap; we say ...

"Ask your current accountant why they charge you so much".

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