Sleep at Night - the Ethical Umbrella Company Service

Just £13.95 per pay run

Brought to you by in partnership with Unique Payroll Service

    With many contractors being forced into Umbrella companies, horror stories of unscrupulous providers offering ridiculously high percentages of take home pay to contractors are emerging.

    All too often high take home pay amounts are achieved by the operation of a Scheme [an artificial arrangement entered into to avoid the right amount of tax]. Despite assurances that these Schemes are HMRC approved many are not. When HMRC challenge is brought, the Scheme promoter is nowhere to be found leaving the worker to deal with a very unhappy HMRC demanding huge amounts of unpaid tax, penalties and fines.

    Dodgy Umbrella Companies are widely tipped to be the next HMRC target area for tax abuse. To avoid this, we're recommending that workers onboard with an Ethical Umbrella offering such as our Sleep at Night Umbrella Service.

    We've teamed up with Unique Payroll Service who operate the ethical Sleep at Night Umbrella Company Service for our clients.

    Our Sleep at Night Umbrella Service is simple & straightforward. No gimmicks. Just a simple gross to net pay calculation for workers' pay allowing for legitimately incurred and claimable expenses.

    A solution that costs just £13.95 per pay run.

    It's as simple as that.

    If you're interested then all you need to do is complete the form below and we'll get Mat or Joe from our Unique Payroll Services Partner to contact you and get you set up so that you can Sleep at Night knowing you've paid the right amount of tax.

Sleep at Night - the Ethical Umbrella Company Service - Just £13.95 per pay run