Switch and save

Accountancy Fees and Services - Monthly

Turnover Monthly
up to £30k £49.99
£30k - £85k £59.99
£85k - £150k £69.99

Changing your accountant can be done at any time during your accounting year. The easiest time to do it for the simplest of change overs is at your year end.

If you switch from your current accountant to us at your next year end
we'll give you FOUR months accounting for the price of TWO

All you need to do is BOOK YOUR SWITCH SLOT before your year end paying two months of fees on booking. We'll lead you through the switching process making it as painless as possible.

When is the best time to Book to switch?

You can BOOK YOUR SWITCH SLOT at any time in the run up to your year end. Generally a good time would be in the last 4 months of your current year.

We'll work with you to ensure that the services that you've paid for with your current accountants, such as your accounts and tax returns, are completed before you switch to us.


VAT is added to all fees.

What's included in the fees:

  • Switching over from your current accountant
  • Preparing and filing the annual statutory accounts including the necessary filing at Companies House and HMRC
  • Completion of your Corporation Tax return (CT600) and filing at HMRC
  • Preparing and filing your self assessment (SA100 & SA102 supplementary pages) for one director
  • Monthly fixed payroll for one director
  • Answering related tax and accounts questions that you may have throughout the year*

What's not included in the fees:

  • Bookkeeping, data entry and reconciliations - ask your accountant for a quote
  • Cloud Accounting system - you sign up directly with the vendor to the system of your choice giving you complete control over your data and who you allow to access it
  • Registered Office from £49.99 p.a. including mail forwarding
  • Confirmation Statement - from £49.99 p.a. plus VAT
  • Additional self assessments at £5 per month per return
  • Additional monthly payroll at £5 per month per person

*Help and support will be provided subject to a reasonableness test. If we feel that you need more help and support than your package level provides we will discuss the options with you going forward.

The Switching Process Explained

Once you have decided to switch accountants, the process to change is quick and seamless with little effort required on your part.

Outstanding work and giving notice

Depending on the contractual arrangement with your current accountant you may need to give them notice. We suggest that you ensure that they have scheduled in your outstanding work, including the year end accounts, before you do this.

The accounts can be done as soon as your year end passes. So there's no reason to delay things although it'll be worth having a conversation with your current accountant to stress the urgency of getting the outstanding work up to date.

Professional Courtesy Letter

An accountant who is a member of a professional accountancy body, such as all CheapAccounting.co.uk accountants, is obligated to send a professional courtesy letter to your previous accountant.

This letter asks your previous accountant if there is any reason why the services cannot be switched as well as requesting the important paperwork needed to take on the accounts and tax work. As part of this process we'll establish the cut over date for payroll and any other obligations making sure that nothing falls through the gaps.

All you have to do is to give your permission for your previous accountant to provide the paperwork to us.

What you can expect from us

As part of your accountancy service you will:

  • Be allocated your own dedicated qualified accountant
  • Be sent the direct contact details for your allocated accountant
  • Have access to the extensive experience, knowledge and expertise of your accountant as well as that of the wider CheapAccounting.co.uk Network
  • Receive a rapid response to your communications, during normal working hours
  • Be certain that our accountants are regulated by one of the UK Professional Accountancy or Taxation Bodies
  • Be assured that our accountants use de facto industry standard software for the preparation and filing of accounts and tax returns

What we expect from you

We provide a quality, affordable and professional accountancy service.

To continue to do this we expect you to:

  • respond to our communications in a timely manner
  • provide us with the information that we ask for as soon as possible
  • be open and honest with us about your accounting and tax affairs at all times
  • treat us with respect and dignity