Accountancy Fees and Services - Self Employed Sole Trader

Turnover up to £50k
By Tax year 12 payments April to March £19.99 per month
Annually 2 instalments £120 x 2


VAT is added to all fees.


This service applies to self employed sole traders with a turnover of under £50,000 and less than 200 transactions in the accounting year. It includes the self assessment main section plus the SA103 supplement related to self employment.

Our client base is made up of freelancers, contractors, creatives, professionals, self employed, personal business owners and small companies. Currently, we are unable to take on landlords, property companies, drop shippers, retailers, e-tailers, ecommerce, Ebay, and Amazon trader clients.

What's included in the fees:

  • preparing your accounts and self assessment tax return from the records supplied by you
  • completing the self assessment tax return
  • issuing the accounts and tax return to you for signature
  • filing the tax return with HMRC (we would do this on your behalf)
  • Answering related tax and accounts questions that you may have throughout the year*

What's not included in the fees:

  • Bookkeeping, data entry and reconciliations - ask your accountant for a quote
  • Cloud Accounting system - you sign up directly with the vendor to the system of your choice giving you complete control over your data and who you allow to access it
  • Additional self assessment supplements such as employment, property etc

*Help and support will be provided subject to a reasonableness test. If we feel that you need more help and support than your package level provides we will discuss the options with you going forward.

How we charge you when you join us

Outstanding work to do

A self assessment tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April.

So the 2019 / 2020 tax year runs from 06/04/19 to 05/04/20.

The 2020 / 2021 tax year runs from 06/04/20 to 05/04/21.

The self assessment records all of your income from any source as well as any tax that you may have already paid.

For the purposes of any quotation we assume that your income is from your self employed business. If you do have other income streams e.g. property rental then our quotation may change.

When you join us you may have a self assessment outstanding and / or be part way through the current self assessment tax year.

We will try to find a fee structure that works for you within the above charges.

We will not undertake any work until you have agreed our fees.

What you can expect from us

As part of your accountancy service you will:

  • Be allocated your own dedicated qualified accountant
  • Be sent the direct contact details for your allocated accountant
  • Have access to the extensive experience, knowledge and expertise of your accountant as well as that of the wider Network
  • Receive a rapid response to your communications, during normal working hours
  • Be certain that our accountants are regulated by one of the UK Professional Accountancy or Taxation Bodies
  • Be assured that our accountants use de facto industry standard software for the preparation and filing of accounts and tax returns

What we expect from you

We provide a quality, affordable and professional accountancy service.

To continue to do this we expect you to:

  • respond to our communications in a timely manner
  • provide us with the information that we ask for as soon as possible
  • be open and honest with us about your accounting and tax affairs at all times
  • treat us with respect and dignity