Save 25% on your accountancy fees

The world of technology moves on at a pace making things easier, quicker and cheaper to do. These advances help us, as accountants, to reduce some of the work we have to do when we undertake your accountancy services.

We think it's only fair that we pass those savings onto those of you who use the most up to date technology when keeping your accounts up to date.

So we're offering a 25% reduction in your accountancy fees when you use the following for all of your business transactions during an entire financial year:

  • A Challenger Bank Accounting App such as Coconut, Tide, Starling or CountingUp


  • FreeAgent with all bank accounts and credit cards fully reconciled i.e. the balance in FreeAgent equalling the balance on the bank account or credit card at the year end without any adjustments being necessary

If you would like to get a 25% discount on your fees just ask your allocated accountant about this tremendous offer. If you don't meet the criteria this year they will explain to you what changes you can make so that the discount is applied in future years.