How to switch accountant

The Process Explained

Once you have decided to switch accountants, the process to change is quick and seamless with little effort required on your part.

Professional courtesy letter

An accountant who is a member of a professional accountancy body, such as all accountants, is obligated to send a professional courtesy letter to your previous accountant.

This letter asks your previous accountant if there is any reason why the services cannot be switched as well as requesting the important paperwork needed to take on the accounts and tax work.

All you have to do is to give your permission for your previous accountant to provide the paperwork to us.

What you have to do to switch

Aside from making the decision to switch and providing approval to your previous accountant, there is nothing else for you to do in this process.

The whole switch process is easy and should not be at all onerous on your part.

Speed of switching

Generally, the process of switching is very quick. That said, on very rare occasions we do find that the outgoing accountant can be unreasonably tardy in their response to the professional clearance letter.

In particular, there have been some cases where the response to a professional clearance letter has been one of the outgoing accountant offering special deals to the client to stay.

Such a practice is often seen in large contractor firms who have a "client retention department" with a team of people entirely focussed on retaining disgruntled clients.