Contractor Accountancy Services

Dedicated qualified accountant

We've been working with Contractors for 15 years and know what they need - a prompt reliable service with on time filings from a direct contact qualified accountant who knows their stuff.

Our monthly contractor accountancy service offers you just that.

We're very proud of our services strongly believing that, should you become a client, having your own dedicated qualified accountant (you get their direct contact details - so you go straight to them) is the best route for your accounting needs.

VAT is added to our fees.

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Monthly Contractor Accountancy Services

Turnover Monthly
up to £30k £49.99
£30k - £85k £59.99
£85k - £150k £69.99

What's included in the fees:

Preparing and filing the annual statutory accounts including the necessary filing at Companies House and HMRC
Completion of your Corporation Tax return (CT600) and filing at HMRC
Preparing and filing your self assessment (SA100 & SA102 supplementary pages) for one director
Monthly fixed payroll for one director
Answering related tax and accounts questions that you may have throughout the year*

What's not included in the fees:

Bookkeeping, data entry and reconciliations - ask your accountant for a quote
Cloud Accounting system - you sign up directly giving you complete control over your data & who accesses it
Registered Office from £54.99 p.a. including mail forwarding
Additional self assessment supplements
Confirmation Statement - from £49.99 p.a. plus VAT
Additional self assessments at £5 per month per return
Additional monthly payroll at £5 per month per person

*Help and support will be provided subject to a reasonableness test. If we feel that you need more help and support than your package level provides we will discuss the options with you going forward.

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How we charge you when you join us - Monthly

Our fees are based upon turnover, reviewed each year at the year end for any turnover increases.

Outstanding work to do

We try to be as fair as possible with our fees offering you the best price for the service that we provide.

When you join us you may already have some work outstanding or have to catch up with your accounting in the current year.

We will explain this and the work that needs to be done as well as let you know what our fees will be for this work.

We will not undertake any work until you have agreed our fees.

Catch Up Fees

Our annual fees are usually spread throughout the year making it easier to budget for your accountancy costs.

When clients join us in the first year the annual charge applies which can be spread over the remaining months in the current accounting year.

For example - Limited Company

At a turnover of £85,000 to £150,000 our annual fee would be £839.88 plus VAT for the year.

If you join us in November 2021 and your company has a year end of 31st May 2022 then the first year fees would be spread over the months from November 2021 to May 2022.

This gives a fee of £119.98 plus VAT per month until May 2022.

Fees from June 2022, being the start of your next financial year, would be £69.99 per month plus VAT.

We will try to find a fee structure that works for you within the above charges.

We will not undertake any work until you have agreed our fees.

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What you can expect from us as your dedicated accountant

As part of your accountancy service you will:

Be allocated your own dedicated qualified accountant
Be sent the direct contact details for your allocated accountant
Have access to the extensive experience, knowledge and expertise of your accountant as well as that of the wider Network
Receive a rapid response to your communications, during normal working hours
Be certain that our accountants are regulated by one of the UK Professional Accountancy or Taxation Bodies
Be assured that our accountants use de facto industry standard software for the preparation and filing of accounts and tax returns

What we expect from you

We provide a quality, affordable and professional accountancy service.

To continue to do this we expect you to:

Respond to our communications in a timely manner
Provide us with the information that we ask for as soon as possible
Be open and honest with us about your accounting and tax affairs at all times
Treat us with respect and dignity

Registered Office Services (clients only) - £54.99 p.a. plus VAT

For European Clients - £74.99 p.a. plus VAT

For rest of world Clients - £104.99 p.a. plus VAT

Our service offers a great alternative for those needing a UK based registered office address. We offer a registered office address in Preston.

Our service includes mail forwarding of statutory post including correspondence from HMRC and Companies House.

Mail received at our office is sorted and redirected to promptly. Any notices served are redirected immediately.

Please note that you cannot use the registered office address service as the accommodation address for your company, nor for any trading, correspondence or advertising purposes.

We do not forward obvious junk mail.

What is a registered office?

A registered office address is the official address of a limited company.

It is the place where Companies House and HMRC will often send notices, letters and reminders but it does not have to be the main place of business. Every limited company must have a registered office.

It is imperative that the registered office address is kept up to date and that an arrangement is made to have mail forwarded from that address to the address of someone dealing with the administrative matters of the company.

What address can I use?

The registered office must be a physical location so this means you cannot use a mail box number (i.e. PO Box). Apart from that you can use any address as the registered office, assuming you have relevant permission to do so e.g. if you are in rented accommodation many leases will prohibit use of that address as a registered office.

The registered office can be anywhere in England and Wales. Companies registered in Scotland must have the registered office in Scotland.

I don't want to use my home address

Many companies will not want to use an owner's home address for their registered office so they choose to use a registered office service.