Introducing Challenger

Limited Company £32.50 per month or Sole Trader £20 per month

A perfect way to reduce your accountancy fees for non VAT registered businesses

    The world of technology moves on at a pace making things easier, quicker and cheaper to do. This equally applies to the world of accountancy and, with this in mind, we're launching our Challenger Accountancy Service to help you save time and money on your accounts.

    What is Challenger?

    Our Challenger Accountancy Services makes the whole process of preparing your accounts much simpler by using the very latest proven technological advances in bank account opening, transaction processing and accounting management.

    It's based upon the new business bank accounts available from Challenger Banks.

    What is a Challenger Bank?

    A recent creation in the UK, a Challenger Bank is a small bank that competes directly with the long-established banks such as Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, and Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Often the Challenger Bank provides a much speedier and less bureaucratic account opening process, provides the latest App technology for the bank account user and gives a much friendlier service with approachable staff who have a better understanding of the needs of the personal business owner.

    How does Challenger Accountancy work?

    Challenger banks such as Coconut, Starling, Tide and Counting Up (others may be available) offer the traditional bank account functionality that you expect from a bank while taking the whole banking experience one stage further by adding accounting into their systems.

    When a transaction hits your bank account not only does the Challenger Bank Accounting App record the amount of the transaction, the date it occurred and a description it also adds Accountancy Analysis to the record. This means that, subject to some reviews and checks, all the basics needed for your accounts are done within your bank account. It's totally innovative, new and, in the world of accounting, a complete game changer.

    We take the data directly from your Challenger Bank Accounting App and use that to produce your year end accounts and tax returns.

    It saves both of us time and, by doing this, helps us to slash the fees that we charge you if you make all your business transactions through a Challenger Bank Accounting Solution. We both win!

    Getting the Bank Accounting App

    You will need a business Bank Accounting App from a Challenger Bank to use our Challenger Accountancy Service. It's easy to set this up; you do it online. There is no need to go to a bank. The App guides you through the process, what you need to do and what proof of identification you need to provide.

    Is it safe?

    Yes, both the use of the App and your money are safe with the Challenger Banks.

    How much does it cost?

    We're starting by launching our Challenger Accountancy Service to non-VAT registered businesses.

    • Limited Company £32.50 per month excluding VAT (£39 with VAT)

    • Sole Trader £20 per month (£24 with VAT)

    What do I get for the fee?

    Limited Company

    The Limited Company Challenger Accountancy Service includes:

    • Preparing and filing the annual statutory accounts including the necessary filing at Companies House and HMRC
    • Completion of your Corporation Tax return (CT600) and filing at HMRC
    • Preparing and filing your self assessment (SA100 & SA102 supplementary pages) for one director
    • Monthly fixed payroll for one director
    • Answering related tax and accounts questions that you may have throughout the year

    Sole Trader

    The Challenger Accountancy Service for sole traders and self-employed includes:

    • Preparing the annual self employment accounts
    • Preparing and filing your self assessment (SA100 & SA103 supplementary pages)
    • Answering related tax and accounts questions that you may have throughout the year

    You do need to process ALL your business transactions through your Challenger Bank Accounting App to qualify for this service.

    How do I get started?

    Our team of experienced qualified accountants are on hand to guide you through getting started so that you are ready to reduce your accountancy fees.

    Our Challenger Accountancy Service is available from the start of your financial (limited company) or next tax (sole trader) year. All you need to do is complete the form below and we'll get someone to contact you so that you're set up and ready to go with our Challenger Accountancy Service from the start of your next accounting year.

Our Challenger Accountancy Service is for non VAT registered self employed business owners who operate via a limited company or as a sole trader. Our client base is made up of freelancers, contractors, creatives, professionals, self employed, personal business owners and small companies. Currently, we are unable to offer this service to drop shippers, retailers, e-tailers, Ebay, and Amazon trader clients.

Our standard service includes payroll with RTI returns and a straightforward self assessment (SA100 and SA102) for one director. You can add more directors or employees to your services as well as any additional self assessment supplementary pages, such as property (SA105), that you may need. Please tell us if you need further payroll or self assessments in the questions section below.