Jackie's story - Chapter One

Lancashire-based chartered accountant Jackie Stopyra was faced with the stark reality of decreasing client numbers and fees, which were severely affecting her traditional accountancy practice.

She says she knew that she needed to do something, but admits to being unsure about what to do for the best. Jackie found out about CheapAccounting.co.uk and since launching the franchise's Preston office in September 2012, her fortunes have improved significantly.

"Through the support and training I've received I've very quickly got up to speed on how to make best use of technology to improve efficiency. Being able to offer cheaper prices is very attractive to the micro and small-business market. Getting help with online marketing has also enabled me to attract an encouraging number of clients in the few months I've been operating."

Interestingly, Jackie continues to run her traditional accounting practice, Davis & Crane Chartered Accountants, alongside her CheapAccounting online franchise. "The two practices complement each other nicely and now I'm able to attract business from a range of available channels, I'm not just relying on one or two. Things are looking much brighter than they were a year ago," she smiles.